A Voluntary Code of Practice for Metadata

Late last year, the Copyright Licensing Steering Group (CLSG) was established together with the Copyright Licensing Co-ordination Office (CLCO), an industry funded office to work on issues related to Richard Hooper’s Feasibility Study into the Digital Copyright Exchange (DCE) (which in itself spun from professor Hargreaves review of intellectual property and growth). Earlier this year, […]


New member of staff

Starting this month, I’ll be joining the team. Here’s a short introduction of myself: My name is Leena Simon and I live in Berlin and Bielefeld, Germany. Last year I graduated in Philosophy with the focus on new moral questions about the Internet. I consider myself a net-philosopher and feel that it’s very important to […]

Swedish Explainer Video

Swedish version of our video

Blink Tower has made a Swedish version of our amazing explainer video!