From Mozilla Festival 2012 (Photo by Mozilla in Europe)

See you at Mozilla Festival!

The Mozilla Festival starts today, and we at Commons Machinery are very happy to be there with a team of three. The Mozilla Festival is about collaboration, skill sharing, learning and hacking – all with the goal of ensuring that the web remains a resource open to everyone – and we feel that that goal […]

Source metadata retained through copy-paste

Copy-paste conclusions: put the metadata on the clipboard

Step by step we’ve been teasing apart the clipboard to see how metadata could survive a copy-paste between applications. If the metadata survives, then the destination can be used to automatically credit the original source and the creator, without the user having to do it manually. This might seem to be an odd remix use […]


Implementing user-friendly default settings

Here at Commons Machinery we have been thinking about default software settings lately. The software we are building is supposed to work seamlessly and technology that works seamlessly is software you (as the user) should not have to worry about. This is why, it is important for developers to constantly consider the default settings. Getting […]


White paper: Metadata – state of the art standards

An important part of our work have been to review the most relevant standards at the moment. This has been feeding into our goal to support remixing by using metadata to credit the sources and provide license information. We believe in sharing this knowledge, which is why we now publish our findings in the white […]


Automatic attribution in Aloha Editor

We’ve just released a new plugin for pasting images with automatic attribution inside Aloha Editor. The plugin is largely based on Peter’s simple editor (described in his earlier post) and requires Firefox with the Copy RDFa add-on to work properly. The attribution information that accompanies the image currently includes title, author, license and links to […]