The attribution chain

This blog post is part of a series that takes a closer look at the sessions on the Tech4Open summit. Commons Machinery is hosting Tech4Open and we hope to inspire you to come join us in London the 11th December. For registration and more information go to Attributing somebody for a work seems fairly […]


Tate metadata mashup

Tate has released metadata for some 70,000 artworks in their collection as a github project. That’s the kind of things that we at Commons Machinery get very excited about, and I can’t wait for Tate to add this as RDFa to the artwork webpages too. So, I did a little Friday night coding and did […]


Join us at Tech4Open

At Commons Machinery, we believe that it’s important to maintain a persistent link between the context of a work (such as who created it) and the work itself. This would, for instance, enable creators to be associated with their works by automatic attribution, something which can only happen through mutual agreement on standards and procedures […]


Credit best practices and code

Commons Machinery is proudly announcing the relase of libcredit v0.1, as well as a project to collect best practices for crediting shared and remixed digital media. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks of taking the code and the lessons learned from the prototype work done with LibreOffice and Aloha plugins, and refactored this into […]

A credit box that automatically credits the two images that have been copied from Flickr with metadata.

Impress support in LibreOffice plugin

Our Paste with credit LibreOffice extension has been updated to support LibreOffice Impress. The extension works a bit differently in Impress though, because there are no frames to put an image with caption into. Instead, it stores metadata in image attributes when an image with metadata is pasted. The credits can later be displayed as […]

Metadata flow in an image remix cycle

How to mix metadata

Our last week’s development work mostly evolved around carrying over attribution in GIMP, an advanced image editing tool. GIMP development branch has recently gotten metadata support for quite a number of formats, so we did some experimental code for preserving metadata in a remix cycle on top of that. Unlike Inkscape, GIMP has very basic […]

MozFest preparations

Thanks for an awesome Mozilla Festival

The energy from MozFest is beginning to wear off, but that does not mean that the excitement is gone. We at Commons Machinery were super thrilled to be part of the festival in London and so happy to get people talking about attribution online. We met and talked with so many people and it was […]