Thanks for an inspiring Tech4Open

Posted by Leena Simon on December 13, 2013

This Wednesday Tech4Open kicked off in London and we spent a whole day talking about attribution of digital works. In a small, but skilled and dedicated group we discussed the social importance of attribution and the technical possibilities of creating a permanent link between the creator, the work itself and its context.

One of the discussions at Tech4Open. (Photo: Leena Simon)

One of the discussions at Tech4Open. (Photo: Leena Simon CC BY SA)

With people from Wikimedia, Creative Commons and Getty Images (amongst others) we raised and discussed many questions:

  • How can people be enabled to actually add information to pictures?
  • How can we make it easier to put information within phones, cameras and other mobile devices?
  • How can you avoid that attribution chains are being broken?
  • What amount of metadata is the right one?
  • How can we take into account that licensing laws differ throughout the world?
  • How can you know that the given provenance is actually true?

We also covered more technical aspects such as where to store the metadata and how to use different properties.

Even though Jonas Öberg could not participate, he was present through an introduction video.

If you are interested to have a further look into our dicsussion, you can check out our documentation pad.

A big thanks to all the participants for a very inspiring day and their valuable input. A very special thanks to Gabriel Lucas, who volunteered to set up a live stream for the day.