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Metadata handling in some projects at #LGM2014

Commons Machinery will be out in force at Libre Graphics Meeting in Leipzig next week. Grab us if you want to talk about metadata or sit down to hack stuff!  We’ll also be presenting three sessions: April 2, 15:10: Jonas presents Commons Machinery and why it is important to retain the context of images and […]


False histories, attribution and education

by Mathias Klang The hugely popular twitter account @HistoryInPics received a nice publicity puff when Alexis Madrigal wrote about the account in The Atlantic; the article was all about the great new spirit of a couple of teenagers running their own business. But the article did not mention the ways in which their business was […]


Attribution as a Moral Right

by Antje Käske At Commons Machinery we are interested not only in finding a technical solution for the problem of attributing intellectual digital work but also in moral questions regarding attribution. We are happy to have Antje Käske – who studied philosophy and has a keen interest in defining the rights of intellectual workers – […]

Creative Commons bulletin board

Who wants automatic attribution? It might be you!

In a recent survey conducted by Commons Machinery of 2,897 individuals in the US, where approximately 200 of them identify as regular creators of presentations (using LibreOffice Impress, Powerpoint and similar tools), 82.1% felt that it was important or very important to give credit when using images. Only 6.6% felt that it wasn’t important at all. […]

Photo credit: Biswarup Ganguly (under CC-A 3.0 license)

Open Education Week: Interview with Subhashish Panigrahi

by Noopur Raval Subhashish Panigrahi works as a Programme Officer for Community and Program Support, Access To Knowledge (A2K) for Centre for Internet and Society. Supported by a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation, the Access to Knowledge program promotes participation in Indian language Wikipedia projects. As a part of his role, Subhashish interacts with school and university students […]


Attention german folks! Talk at Chemnitzer Linuxtag at March 15

Our partnerships manager Leena is giving a talk at Chemnitzer Linuxtag (CLT). She will explain the philosophical problem for which we are working on a technical solution. The talk will be in German and has the title: “Quelle: Internet? Das können wir besser! – Mit Metadaten Ordnung ins Chaos bringen” which can be translated as “Source: […]

photo credit: Ewa Rozkosz via photopin (cc)

Open Education Week: Access to Science

by Mathias Klang In the 17th century, radical ideas were blooming and with these ideas came the need to share them so that they would benefit the largest amount of people. The first scientific journals (the French Journal des sçavans and the English Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society) were begun in 1665 to systematically […]


Introducing Developer Elsa Balderrama

“Hi! I am the new developer who is joining the team. Since I first started using the internet, I wanted to know how to make web pages. I learned pretty fast and started to make static sites for fun. I found out about people making awesome software experiments and I wanted to be able to do something like […]

by Connor Ullman, used with permission

Is attribution really that important?

by Mathias Klang A little over a year ago, I was presented with a fascinating idea: that we have moved beyond the concept of authorship and are more interested in the provider. The basic idea is that “who told me” becomes more important than “who made it”. This is an important, interesting and valuable distinction. […]