Theorizing the Web keeps it casual.

Theorizing the Web

Hundreds of smart, stylish and intelligent people met in Brooklyn for two days in April. But this wasn’t just a hipster meetup in Williamsburg it was the venue for the refreshingly interesting Theorizing the Web conference. Setting the conference in a studio was a fun idea. The space was made up of large, mostly white, […]


Open Summer of Code from OKFN Belgium

Open Summer of Code 2014 from OKFN Belgium on Vimeo. Open Summer of Code is coming! OKFN Belgium has launched a three-week project using hashtag #oSoc2014, encouraging students to apply for student jobs with the organization. They have six new projects to work on and are partnering with several organizations to bring new opportunities. These […]

Image by Flickr user morgantj

Earth Day and the digital liberties movement

The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970, in the height of the gasoline crisis in the United States. Right at the end of the “Summer of Love”, flower power was in full bloom and people were desperate to save what they perceived as a dying planet. By channeling the remnants of the anti-war protest […]

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The Buzzfeed problem and why it’s only the start

A cursory look at your social media feeds today shows that you can barely get past five posts without coming across a “listicle” that has gone “viral”. To elaborate, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Imgur and popular message boards like Reddit, 4chan and others have, for some time now, been flooded with popular […]


Why not embedding attributions?

One of the first organizations we reached out to when we started Commons Machinery was the IPTC, the International Press Telecommunications Council. Some of the standards that they have developed were used for embedding information within images. IPTC is a trade organization consisting of a number of news organizations worldwide, including the New York Times […]

Heartbleed bug impacts all  "secure" web connections and programs running SSL.

Heartbleed and why transparency matters

On Monday, information about the OpenSSL bug “Heartbleed” went out across the web. Crypto bugs usually expose things that are encrypted. Heartbleed exposes far more than that — it exposes the internal state of the webserver, such as other connections’ credentials. This allows something called ‘sidejacking’ of connections, which means someone who is merely connected to […]


Standing on the Shoulders of Free Culture

In her earlier post, Antje Käske mentioned that “intellectual creations are never the sole creation of one individual.” I would go even further, stating that you can not claim ownership on intellectual goods at all. Why is that? The answer lies in the origin of an idea. If I was inspired by someone else, how […]


Introducing Lizelle Dela Cruz

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. With more than 5 years of experience in the Customer Service and Background Screening industries, I am able to adapt in a dynamic and fast paced environment. I was a former Team Leader for a background screening company where I handled four teams catering […]

Photo by Florian SEROUSSI on Flickr, CC license

Rights or attribution? ODRL and Commons Machinery

When Commons Machinery started, one of the organizations or groups that we reached out to was a W3C community group called ODRL. ODRL stands for Open Digital Rights Language, and is managed by a very enthusiastic fellow called Renato Iannella. The idea of ODRL is to create a general purpose language and a model to […]