One thought on “Rights or attribution? ODRL and Commons Machinery

  1. I think the observation about identifiers for assets and parties is not correct. ODRL *does* say what they look like. They are URIs. ODRL does not say who manages them or what identifiers you need – as this is not the role of ODRL, but communities. If ODRL *had* said anything about that (like you must use ISBNs for assets, or all parties need to be registered in an X500 Directory) then you can see the outcome of that.
    As for attributions and permissions. I don’t think you can separate the two. You need a permission to *enable* the attribution. That is, if you said “here is an asset and here is its attribution”…then what is a user supposed to do? If you don’t include the “trigger” action to enable when/how the attribution needs to be treated, then the user as no idea on the rules about when/if/how the attribution needs to be treated.

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