Jonas, our Shuttleworth Fellow

Notes from Shuttleworth Gathering

I’m currently attending the Shuttleworth Fellows Gathering, a chance for us all to check in and report on what we’re working on. I made a few notes on what we’ve discussed so far and wanted to share them on our blog! First, I had to clarify Commons Machinery’s value proposition — how we explain what […]

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (, H. O. Havemeyer Collection, Bequest of Mrs. H. O. Havemeyer, 1929

The problem with the Met’s copyright restrictions

On May 16, the Metropolitan Museum released about 400,000 moderately low-res images (150 dpi) of their public-domain artworks in an effort to provide more access for scholars and art enthusiasts. However, the museum states: Images of Works of Art that are in the Public Domain. Images of works of art that the Museum believes to be […]


Everything is a remix!

Did you enjoy Leena’s post about “standing on the shoulders of free culture“? She mentioned the video series Everything Is A Remix. You can watch the whole series here, or you can find out more about the series. Either way, we hope you enjoy them! Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on […]

Photo by Mehrad.HM from Flickr

Commons Machinery survey results

To assist in information gathering, Commons Machinery put out a survey for photographers. Though modest in numbers, this survey has provided some fascinating initial results. We did not have a lot of positive responses about the usage of metadata and proper attribution. Reasons for this varied from inability to maintain metadata between posting formats, to […]


Easy guide to Creative Commons licenses

Here is a handy graphic helping you identify which Creative Commons license you might want to use for your photo/work.  


Amazon owns patent to white-background photography

This recent article published on TechDirt points out a somewhat shocking state of affairs: the U.S. Patent Office has granted a patent to Amazon (yep, the online sales giant) on item photography in front of a seamless white background. Filed in 2011, the patent application allows Amazon proprietary ownership of photos taken with the following […]


Commons Machinery team converges!

Next week, the Commons Machinery team will be meeting for the first time as a group in Gnesta, Sweden to discuss the future of CM and our goals for the upcoming year! Look for more interesting updates about what we’re up to after our intensive discussion week, but we bet it will include… More about […]

Alternative advertising campaign by

International Day Against DRM: May 6

The International Day Against DRM is Tuesday, May 6th and Commons Machinery is happy to participate. DRM is short for “Digital Rights Management” but the community has translated it more accurately as “Digital Restriction Management”. That is exactly what the purpose of this malware is. More and more software is “defective by design”. It is designed to not do […]