Notes from Shuttleworth Gathering

Posted by Jonas Öberg on May 27, 2014
Jonas, our Shuttleworth Fellow

Jonas, our Shuttleworth Fellow

I’m currently attending the Shuttleworth Fellows Gathering, a chance for us all to check in and report on what we’re working on. I made a few notes on what we’ve discussed so far and wanted to share them on our blog!

First, I had to clarify Commons Machinery’s value proposition — how we explain what we give to others. After a bit of reworking, I came up with this:

Commons Machinery helps people associate themselves with photographs and other digital creations they publish online, so that others can always see who created them, when, and why. This increases the value of all digital works by enabling people to build reputation online, search for and find creative works, use creative works with automatic attributions and get notifications when other people use their works.

This could easily be changed according to audience: for example, for photographers, we might explain ourselves like this:

Commons Machinery helps you associate yourself with the photographs you publish online, so that others can always see who created them. This increases the value of your photos by enabling you to build reputation online, make it easier for others to find your photos, get credit when your photos are used, communicate what permissions people have to use hem, and get notifications when other people use them.

We were also asked to think about a semi-reasonable goal for a six-month time frame. Here’s the one I came up with: a photo agency or similar is recommending the use of to manage rights & information about works being used by their customers. We need to build awareness of reputation / digital values / attribution and show how is a serious platform that cares about the consistency and reliability of the metadata information stored in it.

Education about values and attribution should be part of the general education that people go through, so we should try to develop materials to fit into existing curricula, and be more systematic about creating educational materials. Look for us to come up with some interesting things in this area over the next few months!