Urinal art comes in all shapes and sizes

The value of a good toilet story

Everybody loves a good story. The stories we tell each other not only entertain us, but also create value and importance. For example, the value of a piece of artwork is greatly enhanced by having a good story. In collector’s circles, this is known as the work’s provenance. A quick look at Wikipedia explains that […]


Elog.io shirts in the wild!

Over at elog.io, the first round of beta testers are getting some tangible benefits to the sign-up…t-shirts! We’re encouraging people to tweet us pictures of their shirts in the wild, using the hashtag #attributionrevolution. It’s interesting to see where they’re popping up, too.


The perils of proper citation: a college student’s perspective

College and university students are asked to write papers and create presentations all the time. Anyone who has ever completed or had to read through a college-quality paper can sympathize with the number of resources that are used. I cannot begin to count the number of times my laptop has run for days on end […]

MYCV homepage

Context in journalism is the new black

Contextual journalism is picking up steam as a global movement. As Terry Heaton explains on thepomoblog, “Context is what, the discussion concludes, reporters tend to take for granted when they’re writing, because they assume that their audience — whether print or broadcast — already knows the background information necessary to fully understand the latest development in […]


Introducing libgetmetadata, deviantArt support coming

One of the sites we wanted to support in our extensions from the start was deviantArt, but until recently this was not possible because page metadata didn’t always match the displayed artwork. devianArt provides an oEmbed endpoint that returns enough information to attribute the work, but leaves out the license, which is mandatory for sharing […]

Processed with Rookie

Networked Society: On the importance of attribution

Guest post by Bhavani Espathi. Bhavani is an Indian-born UK-based Digital Scholar interested in all things tech, social media and art. “Attribution is the process of identifying a set of user’s actions (“events”) that contribute in some manner to a desired outcome, and then assigning a value to each of these events”  – Butterworth Now that’s […]

Post-Snowden protest poster

People who support a free and open web also support … Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, a former employee of the NSA, gave a series of documents to the press: one year ago, they were released. They showed that US and UK intelligence agencies were collecting vast amounts of information about all of us, using the internet. The biggest privacy-scandal of modern time still lingers one year later. People […]

We are proud to be one of twelve candidates!

We’re one of the 12 best young European startups!

Tech All Stars is a competition of the European Commission to connect the 12 best European startups with influencers and VCs, mentors, potential partners, and other resources. We’re extremely happy to announce that Commons Machinery has qualified as one of the 12! Next week, Commons Machinery will be present in London together with the 11 […]