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Creative Commons on the tech highway

Two years ago, Creative Commons was looking for its next director of product strategy to take charge of levelling up the organisation’s technical offerings. Dan Mills, formerly with Mozilla, took the plunge and enthusiastically worked to bring some of his experience and knowledge to Creative Commons. Sadly for Creative Commons, Dan left the organisation some […]

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Powerpoints are boring: solves the problem

Powerpoints are really horrible. At best they are still dull and the worst ones could suck the will to live out of anyone. You know the type. A white slide covered in more bullet points than a SWAT team’s armory. The tedium of listening to someone reading the text is only marginally better than a […]

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Experimentation with Wikimedia Commons

One of the challenges that exists when trying to find contextual information about specific images is that even if you publish such information in a database, it’s difficult to match an image in a database against an image found on the Internet. The image may have been cropped, resized, or otherwise changed so that it […]


Smashing windows and explaining metadata

Wikipedia is correct but maybe a tad boring: Metadata is “data about data”. The term is ambiguous, as it is used for two fundamentally different concepts. Structural metadata is about the design and specification of data structures and is more properly called “data about the containers of data”; descriptive metadata, on the other hand, is […]

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Cellphones Free: U.S. Supreme Court Votes to Protect Digital Privacy

How much information does the average person keep in their phone? Social media profiles, daily schedules, phone numbers, passwords, bank accounts, home security, remote vehicle access, photographs… Living in an age where just about every aspect of life can be controlled from an app (including your front door locks!) means greater convenience. But, it also […]

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Mona Lisa smile

Do you recognize this picture? Of course you do! It’s the Mona Lisa! Probably one of the most iconic works of art in the western world. It has been reproduced on countless posters, postcards, and brochures. It’s also been reproduced (or parodied) less reverentially in a thousand ways. My favorite art prankster and founder of […]

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Crowdsourcing and Tumblr at the British Library!

The sun was shining brightly over the British Library last Friday, when they welcomed guests to their event Working with the British Library’s Digital Collections and Data. Every year, the British Library Labs put on a competition that challenge people to use their digital collections in new and innovative ways: to present them using new […]


Whose work is that? Plagiarism in the modern day

We have a strange relationship to stealing ideas. While on the one hand we like the dashing words of Picasso — “good artists copy, great artists steal” — at the same time, we don’t want people taking credit for our ideas. It actually gets more complex than this since Picasso never said anything of the […]


Facebook explosion! The ethics of data manipulation

If you have been paying attention to internet news (or, you know, The Atlantic, The AV Club, CNN, or BBC), you might have noticed a lot of uproar over an experimental study that was published in March of this year and blown up by the latest publication of the PNAS journal. The experiment showed that […]