Join the #attributionrevolution at WikiMania

Posted by Peter Liljenberg on August 7, 2014
Wikimania, photo by Flickr user mac steve via photopin

Wikimania, photo by Flickr user mac steve via photopin

Jonas and Peter will be at WikiMania in London this weekend, and hope to meet a lot of people there who care about the attribution and context of creative works.

We will host a discusson about the relevance of attribution, the possibilities that proper attribution offers, and how contributors to Wikipedia (and Wikipedia itself!) want to be attributed when images and other materials are re-used. The session will also give examples of how the world would look if we could automate the process of attribution, demonstrate some of the tools that already exist for automatic attribution (as well as the limitations of current technologies) and lay out how Wikipedia could help people move from “Image by Wikipedia” to something more relevant. Join us in the Fountain Room on Friday at 11:30am, and just grab us during the rest of the weekend to continue it.

As we are also looking for a web developer, this is an excellent time for you to get in touch with us in person if you think it sounds fun to join the #attributionrevolution. (Details about the job)

photo credit: mac steve via photopin cc