Posted by Jonas Öberg on December 12, 2014

Commons Machinery is introducing, a new catalog of creative works in which users can find the author, license information and source of images. The catalog can be implemented in other software, or used with browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, to look up information about images posted online, even when images are posted without attribution or links back to the original.

Initially seeded with 22 million images from Wikimedia Commons, represents the first step towards giving Internet users more valuable information about images they come across on the Internet. By giving information about the source of an image, helps place the images in their right cultural context, brings meaning and value to images, and provides a way for the user to connect with the author. is designed for the benefit of the Internet user who wants to know more about an image they’ve found, and supports re-attaching the right attribution to an image since any copy made of the image with will automatically include an attribution. Support is currently available in Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, WordPress and Google Docs.

Commons Machinery is continuing to add images to to make it more useful and able to find information about more images posted online, especially images that are made available under open licenses that allow anyone to re-use them as long as they provide appropriate attribution. has been made possible with support from the Shuttleworth Foundation, and is provided as free and open source software, which enables other to build on the same technology.

About Commons Machinery
Commons Machinery is providing the grease needed to oil the machinery of the commons by developing the infrastructure needed to ensure that contextual information about a digital work is never lost, safeguarding information such as the attribution, the terms of use and where it was created, persistently associating a creator with her creation.


Jonas Öberg <>, Founder.