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The iPhone 6 and copying data to the cloud

Unless you have been living in a completely isolated monastery, you are probably aware that the iPhone 6 was released on the 19th for general public sale (and the very first purchaser, a guy in Perth, Australia, dropped it while being interviewed on camera). Here in Montreal, a quick walk by the Apple store around 7pm […]

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The New Generation of Trash Pickers

By now everyone knows, or should, that anything on the Web is susceptible to misuse or abuse. Personal information (such as social security numbers and credit card information) should not be posted to untrustworthy sites. With people relying more and more on digital media, internet fraud and identity theft are on the rise. This is […]

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Laughing or crying at Le Corbusier: Every action has consequences

Le Corbusier is one of those names: many have heard of him but few know why. (This is based on a totally unscientific poll I took at a party. It reflects the poor quality of knowledge among my chosen friends, and bad science on my part to generalize it in this way) Anyway, we vaguely […]

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#To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Social media sites are privately-owned public gathering places filled with all manner of images and articles, and are perfect for sharing current events and raising public awareness. In short order they have replaced newspapers, magazines, and television for speed of information delivery and number of subscribers. They have revolutionized how the world shares information. So […]


Why is copyright law so weird?

When we came across an old Remington Typewriter in a small curiosity shop in Manchester Vermont (founded 1761), the 12-year old looked at it with great curiosity and asked how it worked. He knew it was a writer’s tool but he was unable to figure out how text was produced. So I explained how to […]

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Dreaming of the Grand Budapest Hotel

One of the best films I have seen this year is the totally awesome The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson 2014) and not coincidentally one of the more amusing things I have come across recently are reviews on TripAdvisor for… you guessed it! The Grand Budapest Hotel. No, these are not reviews for the movie but […]

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Museums, hairdressers, and artillery: survivor bias leads to failed openness

Archives and museums are filled with amazing material and most are naturally thinking about how to better use Internet technologies to become more useful and relevant to the public. Success stories abound: The Commons on Flickr, Oxford’s Bodleian Library digitized a 550 year old copy of the Gutenberg Bible, The Europeana Project and more, and […]


Homage vs. plagiarism: which one is it?

There is a dramatic scene in the movie The Untouchables (Brian de Palma, 1987) where a baby stroller is filmed in slow motion, rolling out of control down the magnificent stairs of Union Station, in the middle of a shoot out. The film is set in prohibition-era Chicago and it’s about how law enforcement took […]

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Creative Commons on the tech highway

Two years ago, Creative Commons was looking for its next director of product strategy to take charge of levelling up the organisation’s technical offerings. Dan Mills, formerly with Mozilla, took the plunge and enthusiastically worked to bring some of his experience and knowledge to Creative Commons. Sadly for Creative Commons, Dan left the organisation some […]

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Powerpoints are boring: solves the problem

Powerpoints are really horrible. At best they are still dull and the worst ones could suck the will to live out of anyone. You know the type. A white slide covered in more bullet points than a SWAT team’s armory. The tedium of listening to someone reading the text is only marginally better than a […]