Introducing Elog.io

Commons Machinery is introducing Elog.io, a new catalog of creative works in which users can find the author, license information and source of images. The catalog can be implemented in other software, or used with browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, to look up information about images posted online, even when images are posted without […]

Image by Flickr user LoKan via photopin

The iPhone 6 and copying data to the cloud

Unless you have been living in a completely isolated monastery, you are probably aware that the iPhone 6 was released on the 19th for general public sale (and the very first purchaser, a guy in Perth, Australia, dropped it while being interviewed on camera). Here in Montreal, a quick walk by the Apple store around 7pm […]


OK Festival wrap-up

The first group started out with a question on which is most important: a common API, or an open API. My case here was that there’s no shortage of APIs in the world (an API is a machine-readable interface to a database or service which makes it possible for separate services to connect to one […]


Wikimania part 2: what will elog.io do?

Imagine being able to browse pages on the Internet, finding images you like, and with the click of a button in the corner, get information about who participated in the creation of the image, where it’s from…and if it’s from a gallery, library, archive or museum, which collection it’s part of and where to find […]

Photo by Flickr user Bri an Auer, via photopin

Monkey selfies bring copyright to the forefront

There is an interesting conflict brewing in England involving a photographer, Wikimedia and a monkey. The basic story is that David Slater was trying to take a photo of a crested black macaque. One of the monkeys took a camera and took hundreds of photos. A set of these turned out to be the (now-famous) […]


Wikimania summary and Commons Machinery future

This is the first in a series of blog posts where we’ll talk about our recent development work, what we were up to at Wikimania 2014 (in London), and where that will lead us in the future. Let’s start with a nine sentence recap: Commons Machinery is developing tools that make attribution automatic, and which […]

Wikimania, photo by Flickr user mac steve via photopin

Join the #attributionrevolution at WikiMania

Jonas and Peter will be at WikiMania in London this weekend, and hope to meet a lot of people there who care about the attribution and context of creative works. We will host a discusson about the relevance of attribution, the possibilities that proper attribution offers, and how contributors to Wikipedia (and Wikipedia itself!) want […]

Photo credited to Ed Yourdon, Flickr, CC license

Cellphones Free: U.S. Supreme Court Votes to Protect Digital Privacy

How much information does the average person keep in their phone? Social media profiles, daily schedules, phone numbers, passwords, bank accounts, home security, remote vehicle access, photographs… Living in an age where just about every aspect of life can be controlled from an app (including your front door locks!) means greater convenience. But, it also […]

British Library, photo by

Crowdsourcing and Tumblr at the British Library!

The sun was shining brightly over the British Library last Friday, when they welcomed guests to their event Working with the British Library’s Digital Collections and Data. Every year, the British Library Labs put on a competition that challenge people to use their digital collections in new and innovative ways: to present them using new […]


Elog.io shirts in the wild!

Over at elog.io, the first round of beta testers are getting some tangible benefits to the sign-up…t-shirts! We’re encouraging people to tweet us pictures of their shirts in the wild, using the hashtag #attributionrevolution. It’s interesting to see where they’re popping up, too.