Digital image matching, part 2: finding similar hashes

Last week, Artem described our implementation of blockhash for image matching. The second part of making this into a service that can find similar images is to search for hashes that are close but not always matches. To do this we have implemented an algorithm called HmSearch[1]: C++ library and command line tools Node.js package […]

The Abduction of Europa by Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn.
 Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.

Digital image matching, part 1: Hashing

One particularly interesting planned feature is matching images found online with the catalog, which in turn makes it possible to retrieve metadata by comparing image contents to the records in our database. This, for instance, allows looking up metadata instantly from the browser when we see an image on the web. After some explorations […]

Photo by Kevin Dooley on Flickr, via photopin

Creative Commons on the tech highway

Two years ago, Creative Commons was looking for its next director of product strategy to take charge of levelling up the organisation’s technical offerings. Dan Mills, formerly with Mozilla, took the plunge and enthusiastically worked to bring some of his experience and knowledge to Creative Commons. Sadly for Creative Commons, Dan left the organisation some […]

Photo by See-ming Lee, on Flickr, via photopin

Experimentation with Wikimedia Commons

One of the challenges that exists when trying to find contextual information about specific images is that even if you publish such information in a database, it’s difficult to match an image in a database against an image found on the Internet. The image may have been cropped, resized, or otherwise changed so that it […]


Introducing libgetmetadata, deviantArt support coming

One of the sites we wanted to support in our extensions from the start was deviantArt, but until recently this was not possible because page metadata didn’t always match the displayed artwork. devianArt provides an oEmbed endpoint that returns enough information to attribute the work, but leaves out the license, which is mandatory for sharing […]


Why not embedding attributions?

One of the first organizations we reached out to when we started Commons Machinery was the IPTC, the International Press Telecommunications Council. Some of the standards that they have developed were used for embedding information within images. IPTC is a trade organization consisting of a number of news organizations worldwide, including the New York Times […]

Heartbleed bug impacts all  "secure" web connections and programs running SSL.

Heartbleed and why transparency matters

On Monday, information about the OpenSSL bug “Heartbleed” went out across the web. Crypto bugs usually expose things that are encrypted. Heartbleed exposes far more than that — it exposes the internal state of the webserver, such as other connections’ credentials. This allows something called ‘sidejacking’ of connections, which means someone who is merely connected to […]

Photo by Florian SEROUSSI on Flickr, CC license

Rights or attribution? ODRL and Commons Machinery

When Commons Machinery started, one of the organizations or groups that we reached out to was a W3C community group called ODRL. ODRL stands for Open Digital Rights Language, and is managed by a very enthusiastic fellow called Renato Iannella. The idea of ODRL is to create a general purpose language and a model to […]

Libre Graphics Meeting by

Metadata handling in some projects at #LGM2014

Commons Machinery will be out in force at Libre Graphics Meeting in Leipzig next week. Grab us if you want to talk about metadata or sit down to hack stuff!  We’ll also be presenting three sessions: April 2, 15:10: Jonas presents Commons Machinery and why it is important to retain the context of images and […]


CopyRDF addon updates: oEmbed, site rules

With the recent Flickr photo page redesign, the RDFa metadata provided on photo pages was changed too, requiring additional tweaks in our CopyRDF addon to make it work with the new design. While solving the issues with Flickr we came with an entirely different approach to looking for metadata on certain websites – the oEmbed […]