Jonas Öberg (Photo by Kristina Alexanderson)

Photo by Kristina Alexanderson, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Jonas Öberg

CEO, Founder and Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow

Jonas is a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow and leads the work of Commons Machinery as the CEO. He’s the product owner for the development team and is the last resort for everything no one else wants to do. He’s keen on all things open, and was comes from a background with Creative Commons and the Free Software Foundation Europe. When he needs to avoid computers and technology, he’s renovating a 19th century wooden house in northern Sweden.

Photo by Anton Vasyunin

Artem Popov

Software Developer

Artem is a Python hacker and free software enthusiast with a background in GIS and spatial data processing. He spends most of the time building prototypes and add-ons for existing software occasionally stopping for a tech-talk on the IRC. Being a free culture fan, Artem joined the team in September 2013 to help develop useful tools that facilitate sharing, using and remixing digital works. He likes electronic music, hardware hacking and plays a home-made monome in his spare time.